Gaydon Village Hall was originally proposed in 1885 by Mr Bolton King. He suggested that a Public Hall be built for concerts, lectures, etc. with a Coffee Room which might also be used for reading, smoking and the like. And so it was built and apart from the original thatched roof has been both ‘modernised’ in the 60’s and then restored back to its original ‘arts and crafts’ style in the year 2000. The original reading room is now used by the PC as an office and the later addition of the bar and kitchen happily remain.

From 1938 the Hall was owned by Mrs Willis (formerly Dunne) and vested in a trust with herself and Oliver and Edward Bolton King. In 1938 Mrs Willis generously offered to give the hall to the village of Gaydon. This took some years to come to fruition, and after some amusing letter exchanges, it was finally owned by the Village.

House of Commons
London. S.W. 1.
23rd July, 1965

Dear Mr Lush,

Thank you for your letter of 21st July, about this wretched Gaydon Village Hall business.
I have discharged an urgent rocket at the Department of Education, and hope to be able to have a progress report for you soon.

Yours sincerely
Angus Maude

G.W.M. Lush, Esq
Southam Rural District Council

Mr Lush’s reply in December confirms Gaydon’s ownership:

Angus Maude, Esq., M.P.
House of Commons

Dear Mr. Maude,

I am pleased to be able to tell you that at last we have reached finality in the dreary business of the Assignment of Gaydon Village Hall.

I have at this moment a photostat of the legal document by which the Hall becomes the property of the Village. Your “rocket” undoubtedly did a great deal to wake them up at the Ministry of Education and we are all very grateful.

Yours sincerely
G.W.M. Lush